Dr Ranjan Jeevannavar

Surgical Trichology (Hair surgeries)

Trichosurgery   Trichosurgery or surgical trichology is a part of trichology that encompasses various  dermatosurgical procedures on scalp and hair. Though a variety of conditions can affect the scalp including multiple benign and malignant tumors,  Hair Transplantation  forms a major attractive field in trichosurgery. COMMON  TRICHOSURGERIES Scalp biopsy Excision surgery Epidermoid cyst Lipoma Trichilemmal cyst …

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What is dermaplaning? also known as Epidermal Levelling, is a safe, painless and highly effective clinical treatment designed to evenly and deeply exfoliate the skin of the face and back. This treatment may be performed every 4 to 6 weeks. It improves the texture of the skin, reduces fine fair facial hair and helps significantly …

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