Keloid and Hypertrophic scar

Keloids and hypertrophic scars

Many have swellings commonly over the chest, back and shoulders which keeps growing and might be tired of the steroid injections many doctors perform for it. Even after the steroid injections and creams this wont have much difference in the size of keloid.

Want any advanced treatment of keloid?
  1. Cryotherapy : liquid nitrogen is used superficially or intralesionally to shrink the tissue without damaging the skin. It’s the best possible treatment option as of now. Might get minimal burning sensation during the procedure.
  2. Laser treatment: Long pulsed Nd YAG is the only laser which penetrates deeper without damaging the upper skin. This targets the blood circulation in the keloids and shrinks it. For larger areas laser treatment is safe, easy and recommended.
  3. Surgical removal: large keloids can be debulked by surgical excision especially in the ear areas. As surgical removal is not the final treatment, post surgery requires cryotherapy or laser to reduce completely and reduce the chances of recurrences
Keloid over the arm