Hair transplantation is a safe and relatively painless procedure of transferring your own hairs from back and side of scalp to bald scalp, in some cases from beard and body also. It is an effective treatment for both men and women which gives an ultimate permanent remedy for baldness.


  • FUE (Follicular units Extraction) – individual grafts (hairs emerging in a group) are extracted using a punch, either motorized or manual method.
  • FUT- a strip of scalp skin is first cut and then grafts are cut from this skin under microscope.

Who can undergo hair transplant?

Any person 18-60 years who has permanent hair loss may be a candidate for hair restoration surgery

  • Androgenetic Alopecia –  Male pattern baldness is most common indication
  • Female pattern baldness, scarring alopecia like Lichenpilanopilaris, burn scar, and sparse beard and sparse eyebrow are other indications

FUE Technique

Now a days FUE is preferred method in most patients.The main advantages of FUE are not leaving a linear donor scar and having a faster healing time. Also, patient can keep short hairs after surgery as no linear scar is visible. FUE is also indicated when there is an increased risk of a widened scar or when scalp laxity (looseness) does not permit a strip excision.

Surgery is done under local anaesthesia. Patients may feel the initial injection prick of anaesthesia after which there won’t be any pain and the patient will be conscious throughout the procedure.It is the only method of choice to get grafts from beard and body.

FUT Technique

In strip method/FUT, 1 to 1.2 cm wide strip of skin is removed from the donor area, stitched to leave a narrow scar. Follicular units/hair grafts are separated using magnifying loupes and transplanted on the bald scalp. The technique gives equally good results, probably the down time is little longer. Both techniques of FUT and FUE are combined in mega and giga sessions to harvest more grafts.


Procedure Day

Patient comes to clinic after taking breakfast. Patient hairs are trimmed and he is prepared for OT. Area of scalp where hair is to implanted is anesthetized . Subsequently hairs are extracted from donor area usually back and sides of scalp. These are then implanted into slits.  Patient dressing is done and patient is given post op instructions and provided with medicines. Surgery usually takes 8-10 hours & Patient can go home same day.

Final Outcome

Usually all of the transplanted hairs will initially fall out within a period of two to three weeks, retaining the roots in the scalp.It can take 9 to 12 months for final result, but reasonable growth occurs in 6 months.

Side effects

Medicines will be given to cover the pain and antibiotics to prevent any chances of infections. Heavy headedness will be there due to local anesthesia for 2 days but no permanent side effects are noted.