Laser Breast Lifting




The latest non-invasive laser procedure that increases tightness and firmness in the skin of the breasts. This treatment results in the non-surgical lifting of the skin of the breast tissue. Fotona laser breast-lifting works by gently remodelling the skin with its advanced dual-wavelength modality that uses Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers to effectively deliver laser energy to restore tightness and youthfulness in the chest area.

Laser breast lifting is performed with the Fotona SP Dynamis laser system, which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Nd:YAG and erbium YAG laser energy is safe to treat the skin on the face and body, and it does not cause any abnormal side effects such as cancer or skin conditions that may potentially harm the receiver. Women with loose skin, sagging, and loss of volume in the breasts are ideal candidates for laser breast-lifting procedures.

Which Areas of the Breast are Treated During Laser Breast Lifting?

The entire breast area is treated to effectively reduce the shape and size of the breast and to lift the skin. The nipple and areola of the breasts are not treated during laser breast-lift procedures

Are Laser Breast-Lifting Procedures Painful?

Patients can expect mild to moderate heating of the breasts during Fotona laser breast-lifting procedures. The laser light uses thermal energy to increase the temperatures within the dermis to induce the remodelling effects of the Nd:YAG and erbium YAG laser.

All discomfort associated with laser breast lifting should subside within an hour after treatment. Bulk heating within the tissue caused by laser breastlifting procedures can last several hours inside the dermis and should be mild without affecting daily activities like working, walking, eating, or exercising.


Some people may experience mild redness and/or swelling of the breasts. Other post-treatment symptoms include sensitivity of the breasts for a few hours after treatments or increased stimulation caused by increased cellular activity within the breast area with sensations like tingling, tenderness, and mild swelling. Most symptoms associated with laser breast-lifting procedures should subside within a few hours of receiving a treatment.