Skincare in Monsoon

                                              Skincare Routine in Monsoon

Everyone love the rain but you need to know how to take care of your skin in this rainy season.

The humidity can cause perspiration and the makeup doesn’t stay for as long as you expected, you experience breakouts out of nowhere. The heat can cause your skin to become dry and dehydrated. On top of that, there is a rise in bacterial and fungal infections during this damp season. Hence the change in weather needs change in skin care routine too.


Cleanse your Face

Your face tends to become oily and greasy so cleanse your face twice a day and exfoliate your skin to open the pores once a week. 

 Dont over due facewash and if your regular facewash not helping you then buy any product with BHA or AHA . These will help to prevent infections and also breakouts. 




Toners help to clear the dirt from the skin and maintain the pH balance which keeps altering due humidity. 

Gently cleanse the skin using a cotton ball with a mild toner avoiding alcohol based ones if you have a dry skin. 




Skin gets affected by UV radiations even in a cloudy weather, so use of sunscreen in monsoon is a must. Choose a broad spectrum water resistant physical sunscreen for Monsoon as UV rays can penetrate the clouds well.

Repeat sunscreen every 3-4 hours in day time, and it doesnt need washing your face between sunscreen applications.





Use of moisturizer after you cleanse the face and before applying sunscreen is must needed even if you have a oily skin.

Dont keep you face wet for long if you run into the rain. Tap it dry and apply moisturizer on that.


Choose the right Makeup

Skin needs to breathe freely so don’t put loads of makeup in monsoon. Choose non-comedogenic, thin products.

Makesure you wash the makeup with micellar water in night before going to sleep. Always use a moisturzer and a sunscreen before applying your makeup.