It is an immune mediated disorder with genetic predisposition, usually affecting limbs, face, which usually doesn’t respond adequately with creams and tablets. Many patients have resistant patches where the pigment produced cells will be completely destroyed, which are better targeted by surgeries for faster and effective response as Vitiligo being a social disease.

Multiple treatment options will be provided by us like

  • Phototherapy
  • Excimer laser (most powerful)
  • Tattooing
  • Surgeries like
    • Mini punch grafting
    • Suction blister grafting
    • Ultra-thin split thickness grafting
    • Smash grafting
    • Epidermal /Melanocyte cell suspension
    • Follicular cell suspension
    • Follicular unit transfer
    • Therapeutic Dermabrasion

Based on the size, site and pattern of the lesion, surgical technique is decided by the Dermatosurgeon. The main principle of the surgery being that there is lack of pigment producing cells (melanocytes) in the white patch which is being delivered by surgical modes. The color appearance will be seen in 3 weeks and complete coverage might take 3 to 6 months.