Fotona 4D laser technology, gently resurfaces, rejuvenates the skin


Stretchmarks are a common complaint for people who have experienced fast weight gain or pregnancy or who have skin that is prone to stretch marks. With lasers, people can now reduce and eliminate unwanted skin surface issues with laser procedures designed to remodel the skin.

Fotona is inventive in their research and has developed a wide range of body treatments. One of their treatments includes the use of the erbium YAG laser under the Super Long Pulse (SLP) Smooth Mode. This method of laser energy delivery gently generates heat underneath the skin without any ablation.

Laser stretch mark removal treatments consist of 3 steps that target different depths of stretch marks within the dermis.

Step 1: Fotona Smooth Mode

The skin of the treatment area is treated with 4 passes of the Fotona laser in Smooth Mode. This stage begins the process of controlled thermal injury to the deeper layers of the skin. Smooth Mode laser energy is non-invasive, and it stimulates collagen production by initiating skin remodelling and skin tightening.


Step 2: Fractionated Laser

The stretch marks are treated with fractionated laser beams in this step of the treatment. Fractional laser causes fractionated dermal injury as it delivers heat precisely to the stretch mark lines and adjacent skin tissue. The stretch marks treated by this step of the treatment begin to remodel and smooth out over the next few weeks from the inside out.



The third part of the treatment targets the larger surface of the treatment area. Thermal laser energy is delivered superficially to increase the production of collagen and elastin. This reduces laxity in the skin by inducing neocollagenesis.


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