Whether you are just starting to wear makeup or want to look more beautiful. Natural-looking makeup can be pretty as well as flattering. It is also undoubtedly great for an everyday look as we all want to flaunt clear, flawless complexion and an even skin tone.


For an everyday natural and neutral look, the first step is to apply a few drops of face  serum or face oil and let it absorb completely. The same should be taken into consideration by application of a primer. Primer acts as the second layer on the face and ensures the extended stay of the foundation When it is applied, pigments of the foundation do not enter the skin pores or unclog it.

Every morning as you decide your clothes and footwear, you should also look at your face and take a moment to determine the look you want to carry. Therefore, avoid the mistake of sleeping on the same old cosmetic product in the same old places day after day. Also, it’s important to remember that your lifestyle plays a crucial role in the way your skin behaves.

At the same time, keep in mind that as your epidermis is a living organism, it alters with whether, levels of pollution and your fluctuating hormone cycles, so always pay close attention to your skin’s needs and apply just what you need and where you need it. Here are some tips to nail the natural and neutral look.



Before you even consider applying a base foundation, ensure that your face is clean so that you start with as clear a complexion as possible

*Assess the condition of your skin. For instance, during the end of the month it may appear more grey or more spotty and require special care

*Even if your skin looks lovely, it is possible to improve its flawless look further by using a concealer. Apply a couple of shades on your skin underneath your eyes (to disguise any dark circles). At the same time, smear some on the sides of your nose (to counteract redness)

*A little dab of powder is a superb alternative to a base for those fortunate enough to be blessed with an even skin tone. The translucent powder creates an invisible veil that not only provides the finishing touch to your face but also acts as a delicate mop to soak up any excess sebum

*For a light and matte look, you should avoid heavy-duty liquid foundations and instead opt for a compact foundation; use it lightly to get enough coverage as this works for most people and looks quite natural

*Use a tinted lip gloss to complete the natural look and apply some foundation to your lips to increase the quality and lifespan of your lip gloss.



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