Taking care of your skin and hair while swimming is a relatively simple process. Chlorine in water strips off natural oils, making it dry and weak.


Pre-Swimming Routine


  1. Take a shower

Rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower as wet hair is less likely to absorb water from the pool.


  1. Oil your hair

Oiling makes your hair waterproof and forms a protective layer over your scalp. This prevents chlorine from entering your hair cuticles and damaging the colour and shine of your hair.


  1. Moisturizers

Apply moisturizer to full body evenly. This forms a barrier for the skin from harmful effects of chlorine and also prevents drying and cracks of skin


  1. Sun screen

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen which is cream based and water resistant. Apply sufficient amount to full face, neck and if possible on the arms also 15 mins before entering into the pool. Along with avoidance of tanning it prevents premature aging also.


Post-Swimming Routine

  1. Shampoo Your Hair

Wash your hair immediately after a swim to get rid of the maximum chlorine from your hair. Chlorine sticks to the hair and is tough to wash off later if you do not rinse it immediately. This can be followed with use of leave on conditioner or regular oil application

  1. Moisturizers

Apply ample amounts of moisturizer lotion full body and repeat it before bed time.

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